Is it easy to live without social networks?

Best buddies? Like the scattered fog, past hundreds of virtual friends are introduced. How important it was to try to clean up the list and how far it led! First I deleted those with whom I had not spoken for a long time and whom I did not plan to write. Then the list was left by those who did not want to leave their phone and chat live.

What happens when a person loses his usual status?

If before you were considered, now it is becoming increasingly obvious that people do not even try to hide their neglect. When you occupy a certain abstract place on the social ladder, which people constantly associate with your own or try to compare you with other people and this comparison goes in your favor - you have a certain weight, you have taken place (at least with respect to someone).

Fathers and children: who is to blame for the conflict of generations and what to do?

The most interesting thing is that with relatively young children there is nothing less in this regard. And, oddly enough, even on which side the truth is not always obvious! In the vicissitudes of the causes and consequences of misunderstanding between different generations of the family and I propose to sort out the presented article. Do you know the feeling when you talk to God or if you clearly hear the voice of God?

Proper upbringing: hyper-care or a life without mistakes?

Imagine this situation: a one-year-old child learns to walk, and our “smart” parents will want to help him with this. Dad will move the child's legs each time, and mom will hold him by the handles and move forward. And they, wanting the child only the best, will not let him learn independently. Independently fall and rise, and enjoy the fact that he has something to do.

To go or not to go to a psychologist? Seven obstacles in the way

Not everyone remembers about psychological help at such times. We choose more familiar solutions - to get distracted, to go headlong into work, religion, to devote life to children. Remove the accumulated stress with the help of shopping, alcohol or computer games ... Only sometimes the consequences of such convenient decisions are very tragic - complete dependence, which destroys us.