Big money. Do we need to strive for wealth?

If I were given a million ...

Almost each of us, looking at the lives of rich people, dreamed of how fate would have happened if a million dollars suddenly appeared on our bank account. Usually, the imagination draws bright prospects: go traveling, change the type of activity, purchase real estate, start living beautifully, etc. It seems that all problems will be solved by magic and happiness will finally come close to us.

But let's think about whether these rainbow pictures can be considered objective? According to statistics, people who got rich suddenly by lottery or other means, in most cases, faced with serious problems in life. For most of the “lucky ones,” families fell apart for several years, alcoholism and other addictions arose, some died within 2–3 years. Paradoxically, many have managed not only to spend a fortune, but also to accumulate large debts. And only a small percentage of people who received a large sum of money could say that their lives have changed for the better.

And we dream about a million ... Why is this happening?

Inner strength for owning big money

Big money is a huge resource that requires responsibility to dispose of it. This can be compared to a big ship. And can we manage it? Can it do us? If our ability to manage a powerful system is not enough, then the system begins to control us. And most often it can end in tragedy, because we find ourselves defenseless in front of many new factors that have appeared.

What about a million? This is a huge resource. One must have inner strength to curb this energy and remain master of the situation. Otherwise, if the rider does not curb the horse, he will be dropped to the ground. Pay attention to the fact that all people who have a lot of money and whose life does not collapse from this, have a very prudent and detached attitude to their money. Money does not enslave them.

The dangers of owning big money

If a person does not have enough inner strength to avoid becoming a slave to this resource, then numerous circumstances will burst into his life, before which he will be completely defenseless.

First, his own desires and vices, which will be satisfied and developed with the help of money, and then they will begin to control the person and be stronger than him. This may be not only a craving for alcohol, but also a dependence on the ability not to work, to occupy a special position in society, attachment to a certain level of life or the ability to enjoy material goods and much, much more. Many destructive tendencies can sleep in a person practically all their life, but under special conditions they have the opportunity to declare themselves in full force.

Secondly, big money is beginning to change the attitude towards their owner. This also applies to relationships with the opposite sex, and relationships with friends. In most cases, the desire to gain easy money begins to play a role in all these relationships. And this is logical - not sincere friends begin to fly to a rich man, but those who want to “join” money. Many stories can be found about how most of their so-called friends leave the suddenly-ruined people. Only sincere and faithful remain. That is why many millionaires are obsessed with the idea that they are used for money. And not without reason.

So is it worth dreaming about a million dollars? It’s probably worth dreaming, and at the same time it’s important to answer the question: do you really need it, can you cope with the difficulties that will bring money? And if you still dream, it is important to realize what needs to be changed or developed in yourself in order to successfully pass the test of wealth.

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