Can a free newspaper be interesting?

Why does this happen when the main pillar of the economic stability of the publication - the advertiser - available? The reason, in general, is one - in the absence of the consumer of this advertisement. The reader is not interested in a continuous set of advertising modules on four or eight pages. Such a newspaper, as a rule, flies straight from the mailbox into the trash bin. And it is good if the reader in anger does not tear it to shreds and, swearing obscenely, does not throw these shreds out of the window (ecology is good!).

However, people who make newspapers are far from being idiots, and on their pages along with advertisements they place a television program. This is for economical old women who, in view of their modest finances and far from ideal view of the newspapers, do not read. But the program is very useful to them. In case the series about Marianna will start this week five minutes earlier than usual. But even the grandmothers of our county town ignore the free newspaper that appears in our mailbox. Why?

1. Will come - will not come?

A free newspaper is needed somehow distribute. Political publications are usually distributed on the streets (TV programs are not published there). But we are talking about a commercial product. And our advertisers are not interested in the fact that due to the rain, 50% of the circulation remained not distributed. Therefore, mailboxes in the distribution of newspapers are essential.

Ideal - to agree with mailto postmen once a week spread the newspaper. Not free, of course. If there is no agreement with the connection, you need to create your own courier network, and couriers on contractual terms of payment will distribute the newspaper. This is the first. And to limit the geography of distribution due to the fact that couriers are not so easy to find. This is the second. The principle of a random selection of apartments (as with handouts) will not work. Even a free newspaper should have a regular reader. If the newspaper is distributed according to the principle “today in this house, tomorrow in the neighboring one”, it will not be popular. Because there is no guarantee that the newspaper will come to my house.

To maintain the image of the newspaper, it would be nice to occasionally go out with it to the streets and simply hand out, while indicating where this newspaper can always be found (shops, post offices, etc.). For the purpose of dating. True, in order to hook, you need a decent "stuffing". But about this - in the following paragraphs.

2. Where are you, my Marianne?

Leafing through some free newspapers, I sometimes think: for what purpose did they SO print a TV program? Approximately sixth font size and 12 instead of six columns. And no system during layout. With this attitude, the editorial board would have to keep a magnifying glass with the newspaper in the mailbox. After all, let not the majority, but a sufficient number of people are interested in newspapers only in the context of the television menu. And this is just the potential audience for free publishing. therefore TV program must be perfect. And announcements - announcements with pictures and with a readable font.

3. Honor!

The presence of at least one journalist with a light pen in the state does not interfere at all. Primarily for the design of Internet digests that will refresh the newspaper pages. But it would be even better if the journalist writes copyright texts. But the concept is important here. It can be consumer articles on how to choose the right fish, dress or tea. Any news materials. But by no means an analyst with politics. Your newspaper is designed for mass character, and only those who work there are interested in the state in which the metallurgical giant lying on its side is now. And that, perhaps, in the hope of being dismissed, because unemployment benefit is significantly higher than the salary.

Unfortunately, of all the free editions I have seen, the maximum was close to the ideal only one - the Minsk Va-Bank, which I found when I lived in some areas of the Belarusian capital. The rest ... In general, what I have already described to you.

Are you still full of enthusiasm and the means to publish a free newspaper? Then work along with an advertising agent to hire a good designer, journalist and distribution specialist. From this, your publication will only get richer.

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