How to successfully work out the first day in a new place?

Not everyone succeeds in adhering to the golden rule: “To be happy is enough to go to work in the morning, and go home with joy in the evening!” They say that even a permanent job you have to go every week with a new road (so as not to fall into prolonged stagnation!) . What can we say about those who decided to change jobs in general. This is a lot of strengths! Few dare to step into the unknown. But this has a lot of advantages.

  • First of all, they don’t know you here yet, and you can finally change your image and express yourself as you have long wanted, but you were afraid to try on this mask.
  • Secondly, any changes in work will bring a whole wave of novelty into your life: new friends, new sensations, troubles, and joys. So why not let it all in?

So, in order not to get into a puddle on the first working day, we will begin to prepare for it in advance.

Intelligence service. Check with your predecessor or the most experienced office "old man" for a detailed floor plan (toilets, dining room, smoking room, places for recreation). Look around your new office: perhaps there are no upper partitions in it - then all personal phone calls will be heard by the neighbors. Perhaps the service mail is viewed by the security service, and it is customary to carry food with you from home.

find out daily regime office: who, what time and with whom drinks tea, raps about football, plans important meetings, what hours she likes to work hard, and also your boss has a rest. Understand the corporate rules of conduct and office style: perhaps there is a certain dress code at the new place (brand colors, mandatory second shoes, lack of pants and jewelry for women, or a showy healthy lifestyle for men - no cigarettes!).

Find out how it is accepted refer to each other: on "you" or "hey, buddy"; Does office communication boil down to innumerable directives via e-mail, or does the boss personally go around the cabinets with an awesome face?

Appearance. (I especially appeal to women!) Attention to a new person is already increased, so do not strive to demonstrate all your outfits to the new team during the first week. You came not to the podium, but to work. Therefore, keep muted tones and classics in clothes.

Friendliness - the most disarming trump card. Remember the first rule of Gleb Zheglov: “Talking with people, constantly smile!” Thanks to this, many “shoals” are forgiven.

Be polite. The first time at a new job will have to be regularly distributed right and left: “excuse me”, “explain, please”, “what do you think?”, “Thank you for your support”. These people, indeed, redrew their usual mode of operation, to be near you, to prompt something, to send you somewhere, so be generous in return!

Remember the names. Someone mentally writes them on the forehead of the interlocutor, someone compares the appearance of employees with movie stars. If you do not rely on memory - mark in a secluded place something like: “good, in earrings, with a scythe” or “dark, some other, with a purple tie”.

Write down. Let it be an hourly report or a list of all orders - now it is important to keep in mind a large amount of information! "Dumb pencil is better than sharp memory!"

Do not be afraid of mistakes. They will still be: there are no perfect people. Similarly, the President, the Star of the Stage, and the Great Wizard experienced their first working day. Only in this way, stumbling and cognizing, rejoicing and getting up to the full height, one can learn something! And if it is scary - mentally take your fear by the hand and continue to work with it, as if teaching a little child something.

And most importantly: No matter how your first day in the workplace goes, whatever you feel, no matter how hard you try to find the right words and clothes to match the new level - all this is over. You are on a new peak! So, boldly walk on!

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