The man and his smaller brothers. Is our love so strong?

For a long time it was kept in the Jerusalem Museum of Religious Studies, it contained a large number of edits, apparently made by those who did not want the “spawn of echidna” to know the whole truth. The texts of the gospel are heavily damaged, authentic, as witnessed by nine different international examinations.

In the Holy Scriptures, we, in various contexts, unequivocally, read: "I renounce you, for not peace, but you are looking for war, not light, but darkness!" "They themselves cursed themselves, they themselves will carry their cross, as I will bear it." "You are those who love darkness, not light, death, not life." “I am the light, and you cannot see me”; “I am the way, and you do not follow me”; “I am the truth, and you do not believe me”; “I am life, and you are not looking for me”; “I am a teacher, and you are not listening to me”; “I am the Lord, and you disobey me”; “I am your God, not pray to me”; "I am your best friend, and you do not love me."

We are pleased to indulge ourselves with the thought that our sins have been atoned for and that we have been promised a new life in the Kingdom of Heaven. But if our sins were redeemed by the blood of our god two thousand years ago, then nobody has yet absolved our sins two thousand years later. Do we need a new god so that we can crucify him again, with even greater cruelty, since we have accumulated much more sins than two thousand years ago in order to at least somehow wash ourselves from blood and nasty? Or do we hope to be a bit like a church, a little fasting, a little good to be done and finally save ourselves?

There is no doubt that humanity is damned and no attempt will now save him. Only those who are fenced off from the real world by fools who do not know real life can preach and hope for salvation. Truly, the hope of the fools feeds.

We really live in an ivory tower. We are sure that this world is beautiful, and man is the crown of creation. Well, or at least we think that this is “the best of the worst worlds,” which is not so bad anymore.

Indeed, at first glance, our fascinated world of myths and fairy tales does not seem so cheesy. And meanwhile, along with our invented world, as if in parallel there are still worlds. Worlds filled with pain, hopelessness and fear. And that the most irreversible, these worlds are not created by God and not the devil. They are created by man. Us.

World first. Animal.

If you only knew, if you could imagine for even a minute, with what inhumanity, sadism and hatred a person cracks down on his smaller brothers, you would have lost your appetite forever and lost sleep for a long time. For it is impossible for a person with a normal psyche, with a normal perception of good and evil, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, to remain indifferent to that incommensurable pain and suffering with which he intentionally exposes animals.

A vile, disgusting hypocrisy, when we quasi one animal and even keep it as living toys at home, and destroy others with the most sophisticated and inhuman means. This is what we call animal love.

When you first get on a chicken farm, you are not at all ready for the horror that has become a dismal routine for hundreds of two-legged executioners in dirty white robes smeared with the blood of their feathered victims. Yes, you read that a chicken farm is not a resort for birds, but you still hope that unnecessary suffering is reduced to a minimum and a person remains a man even in the factory of death.

Another director of the poultry farm is trying to give humane meaning to the nightmare that awaits you ahead, even the faces and figures of the workers have some features of humanity, the sun still shines outside the window ... But all this evaporates in the blink of an eye, in the instant of the cry of the poor bird ...

Absolutely barbaric conditions of crowding in the so-called aviaries, the “debeakening” procedure (cutting off the beak tip on a special device), forceful overfeeding with the aim of obtaining a “fuagra”, a live suspension, on which, like a bird-bird, a live bird is crucified, a conveyor beheading and no “ humane "relationship. The main thing is how to produce more poultry meat for us.

Conditions of detention and slaughter of cattle produce an even wilder impression. It seems that the larger the animal, the more suffering. Conditions of detention, transportation and slaughter - the usual medieval barbarism. Every animal feels the approaching end. He feels him stronger than man, since his animal instincts are more developed. Due to the highly developed nervous system, the animal is just as keenly aware of physical suffering, as is man.

Cows and horses cry before death. Calves are looking for a mother and, deceived, are drawn to someone who instead of a bottle of milk, sticks a deadly electrode into their eyes. Pigs scream and resist, and some have to be slaughtered hastily, as necessary, "making a marriage."

On every continent, in every country, in every city, there are laboratories where animals are used only as experimental material, for which they are accountable for lifeless, soulless inventory. And worse, pen, calculator, computer cost money. Experimental animal often does not cost anything. Frogs, rats, cats, dogs, pigs, monkeys, horses. Cosmetic ingredients are pierced into their eyes, they open the skull boxes, rip the stomachs ... They are placed in narrow spaces, drowned in water, burned in a fire, and tortured with electricity ...

In each country, tens of millions of living organisms die a violent, “inhuman” death in a year. Every minute in your country, in your city, a tremendous amount of flour and suffering rushes into their dead emptiness. Cries for help, moaning for compassion.

And if a person is somehow or other, but somehow protected from another person, then the animal is often completely helpless before the one who tamed him. It is completely surrendered to his mercy. He is at the mercy of.

You do not need to be Schopenhauer to understand the simple thing that he once said: “Every animal experiences joy and sorrow, pain and affection, life and death just like a human being”.

Or as someone said: “Nature is not a workshop, an animal is not experimental material”.

And our ancestors killed rounds and roes. They fished and shot the bird. To survive, warm up, make an improvised tool. Europeans worshiped a deer. Indians of North America - bison. Basically, they killed quickly and painlessly, with sacred meaning and gratitude to those from whom they took their lives.

We, today's, words of gratitude do not know. We are convinced that we are the masters. The kings of nature, and we are all allowed. We kill cruelly and mindlessly. And we demand more and more. More suffering, more death. Suffering and death are put on the conveyor. Since the time of Adam and Eve, we have a thousand needs. Thousand needs. And these needs and requirements must be met.

I have no illusions about man. Anyone who has been in animal torture chambers has no hope left.

Man - the most vile, the most bloody and merciless animal, created by an unknown god of the hack. There is nothing beautiful in it. Vile two-legged creature, bringing death and destruction to all living things and himself. Disgusting, dirty creature who invented a thousand myths. A thousand legends. A thousand beauties to justify their most inhuman acts.

No salvation is given to mankind. It cannot be given. We went too far. We are no longer at the abyss, we have long been in it. The return point was passed a thousand years ago. And we do not feel God. Because we can't feel it. He turned away from us a long time ago because he could not turn away. The sins of the fathers fall on the shoulders of the children.

“Damn you, spawn of a viper!” - not my words. The words of your gentlemen.

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