How can you benefit from Twitter and how?

In my opinion, it is very useful! BUT benefit that's what it is

1. Twitter is almost perfect ... time killer. If you do not know how to kill this time, go to Twitter. With a sufficiently large number of friends whose tapes you read (I have more than 500), there is always something interesting. You look - and the day has passed ...

2. Earn on Twitter affiliate. This is possible not only for the “Wild West”, but also for the Russian-speaking twitter people (twitter, tweeters ...) You just give a certain company (two, three, ten ...) a login and password from a twi account, and the company publishes on your behalf any advertisement. And it charges you a reward according to the number of people reading your posts - followers (in statistics they are designated as “Followers_me”). The disadvantages of this method of "earnings" are obvious: you have absolutely no control over the content of these messages, and they are being sent on your behalf. Unfair advertising for a long time, if not forever, will undermine your personal reputation. Yes, and people just do not like people direct, stupid advertising like "Fly, cheaper! Buy two pieces of waste for the price of one! ”

3. Just "throw in Twitter" announcements of news from your blog or site. That's better. Attendance will not be so hot, but still it is not worth neglecting this opportunity. In addition, TWI messages are increasingly found in Google and Yandex searches, so Twitter can bring fairly stable traffic over time - visitors to your blog or website.

4. Publish announcements about new affiliate programs in which you have registered. Item similar to the previous one. High conversion is not worth waiting for, but the additional advertising platform has not disturbed anyone yet.

5. Make new acquaintances. Oh, in this, in my opinion, Twitter is almost out of competition. Join any known person and just write him a message.

6. Get expert advice. Again, with a large number of people reading your tape, there will surely be someone who can competently answer your question. Not always, true, but still ...

7. Recently, there are reports that Twitter can be used as an effective marketing tool, but I still do not quite know exactly how. More precisely, I can not imagine.

8. Promote your personal brand. True, using only this service will be hard. But as an additional platform for “splashing oneself up beloved”, Twitter is quite suitable.

9. By publishing your twi-address in your promotional materials (blogs, messages, press releases, business cards), you will show that you are not lagging behind life.

10. The ability to get into any viral share in which your popularity and fame will increase dramatically. I, too, somehow got "under the hand" ...

Well, then invent yourself! “What is the use of Twitter?” Is a philosophical question and, on reflection, you can find many more answers.

I just want to remind one phrase of Tim O'Reilly, a well-known western marketer and blogger, which I really like and fully reflects the essence of everything described above: “Ignore Twitter - at your own risk”.

Watch the video: How Does Twitter Benefit Business? (December 2019).


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