Who needs it, this breakfast? Recommendations of the long-standing early feeder

I will not call you to such an abundance, but I will tell you something about breakfast.

Popular wisdom says: eat breakfast yourself! And it is right. The first morning meal determines your condition and mood during the upcoming day.

It is no secret that conditionally we can be divided into two main categories. First - in the morning I can only have a cup of coffee. The second is not filling the stomach, do not leave the house.

Immediately, I note that the science of the need for breakfast is proved unequivocally. Otherwise, sooner or later, you watch out for weak immunity, high risk of cardiovascular diseases, English spleen or Russian depression. In addition, without eating in the morning, you will inevitably consume a double portion at lunch. Why? Yes, simply the body will require the reimbursement of energy consumed.

However, it is not necessary to strive straight from the bed to the table. Stretch, smile, drink 150 grams ... of water, of course! You can with honey or a couple drops of lemon juice. And the "slags" will go to the output, and the metabolism will begin to move. Next, go to the morning procedures. After their completion, I believe, in 30–40 minutes, you will feel the need to refresh - this is the stomach that has worked.

Actually breakfast is a purely individual matter. In the future, you will define its saturation for yourself, and I will try to offer here certain generalizations and divisions.

Intellectuals It makes sense to use cottage cheese, eggs (boiled or scrambled eggs), a light milk soup (preferably with oatmeal, but other flakes or cereals), yogurt (high-quality, not supermarket) before the start of the working day. Want a fruit salad? Also acceptable! Just do not get carried away with the quantity: a glut will give the opposite result of “pep, grace and plasticity”. And I recommend to enjoy chocolate or a tablespoon of honey, so to speak, to stimulate the medulla.

Loaders, machinists, couriers, postmen - everyone who will have to significantly expend energy by hard work or numerous movementsIt requires a different set of products from morning. A meat sandwich (brisket, bacon, ham ...) is perfect. Plus simple vegetable salad - cabbage (lettuce), tomatoes, sweet peppers, greens. Or just raw vegetables. It will be good in the morning to eat milk porridge or scrambled eggs - it is possible with cheese, it is possible with bacon.

Lovers of white bread, I advise for breakfast all the same black bread. And save the figure, and get enough of it more accurately.

Students! I appeal to you now! Especially when the semester fun ended and one of the sessions came. At the exam, not only “bombs” are needed, but also a productively thinking head. The right breakfast for this is the first thing. Here you can’t do without a sweet cottage cheese with sour cream, pancakes, pancakes, cheese cakes with jam are good. My personal advice: try the "beauty breakfast." What it is? Yes muesli! Recipes can be different, but honey, pollen and bran are required.

Food meal as well the drinks do not interfere. Someone likes strong coffee - no problem, but brewing is better (excessive caffeine soluble will add problems with potency, gastritis, an ulcer and calcium will wash). Of the same caffeine considerations, preference should be given to black tea, in which there will be more vitamins B, P and PP. In addition, they are engaged in processing into the energy structure consumed by you fat and sugar. And if you want to make tea also satisfying - please! Dessert spoon of cream at your service. I would also recommend cocoa as a starting drink of the day. It is quite simple to cook it in low-fat milk. What for? And because cocoa is quite a strong activator of brain activity.

Already hear a puzzled cry: a juices?! Unfortunately, from the shelves of our stores natural juices disappeared almost completely. Except perhaps a tomato and an apple. There is only one way out - fresh. A little more time, but what a result!

I, as a rule, have breakfast slowly, without distracting; except that the radio is singing, playing, then the news tells. And I use the advice of Professor Preobrazhensky and do not read newspapers for food. And I beg you, smokers! Refrain from cigarettes immediately after breakfast. A couple of delays all the benefits of breakfast will reduce to nothing.

Search, think, decide, choose your own breakfast!

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