Longevity or the principle of determinism, optimism or utopia?

To think about it when 2/3 of the way passed behind the stern: the children matured, left their pensions, the house was built, the tree was planted, the snake was killed, the main life program was completed, nothing significant shines ahead, it is too late to take on anything new come back. The thought “Pacem longa, vita brevis” more and more persistently over consciousness - the world is eternal, life is short.

I do not impose my thought on the reader, opinions may diverge, but it is human nature to err, I give only a topic for reflection. Each of us has an idea at the subconscious level, to the degree of obsession: to delay the inevitable, live up to 100 years, and even better up to 120 ... how many useful things could be done, play scenic images, write books, study languages, graduate . And everything is in the subjunctive mood.

Screaming, leave hope and think at your leisure, who needs your creativity, your books, your inventions? Life can be shortened, but no one has yet been able to extend it beyond the time limit due to the genetic code, neither to the kings, nor the emirs, nor the generals. Neither with the help of Botox or stem cells - these modern "elixirs" of youth, nor with the help of skirts, diets, regimens, zakalok, physical education and other things. Each has his own number of heartbeats - this is the principle of determinism.

Just do not talk about the transplantation of organs (heart, liver, kidney), immersion in the state of parabiosis: when replacing any organ, the time counter of our existence continues to work in the mode initially set by the age. This is unlikely to be expected in the foreseeable future. It is impossible to influence the course of biological clocks with currently existing technologies, as it is impossible to change the half-life of transuranic elements. And what methods of prolonging life, and consequently, the fight against aging, have not been invented throughout the entire history of civilization, there are no numbers for them.

In connection with the above, I remembered the case of the beginning of the 90s ...

Baikal, a sanatorium of the same name, Listvyanka village. The weather, despite the peak of summer, is cloudy, rainy, windy. There are two groups on the same floor: one is the participants of the constituent conference, the other is heterogeneous, variegated, not quite understandable by function. As it turned out later, there was a group of Morzheviks, who had come here for an indicative multi-kilometer swim from Slyudyanka to Listvyanka. They stood before us arrogantly, ambitiously, they looked at us almost with contempt. Well, of course - healthy people, people who care nothing, even icy water. Only the “non-flying” weather confused them - the audience would not come.

Hour two lasted swim. It was a pitiful, even disgusting sight, when thirty “beautiful knights” left Neptune’s domain. Blue bodies, suffering sardonic cross-smiles and curse at the level of the spinal cord against the day when it occurred to them to become "walruses."

Why such a cruel mockery of their organisms? To promote health? To distance the arrival of old age, wretchedness, infirmity? Do not get the flu, acute respiratory infections, gastric ulcer or migraine? Do people who are hardened through cold procedures know that the most hardened parts of the body undergo degenerative changes? Where do body wrinkles appear first? That's right, in the area of ​​the hands and face.

With confidence, I can say that these explorers of ice-holes and wormwood will have such a picture by the age of 50: some will develop obliteration of limb vessels, polyarthritis due to hypothermia, adnexitis and infertility in young women, and men will also hang their sails in full calm . Influenza, they are sick no less than all other laymen.

The position of the media, including TV, is incomprehensible in this regard, when they, propagandizing these methods of "strengthening" health and prolonging life, said A, never tell B. Having shown any "recovered" person from some incredible illness, which the doctors lowered their hands, leave behind the frame those who, thanks to the "hardening", will never be able to say at least a few words about themselves and their bliss. Such information is taboo.

Not physiological this procedure. A man is born to walk on the earth's firmament. This was known by our most ancient ancestors, who climbed into the hot water, only fleeing a wolf pack or a tiger. Based on the foregoing, it is logical to assume that the most hardened, and therefore healthy, are the inhabitants of the Far North, where the tempering factor acts for 9 months. Paradoxically, it is precisely among these peoples that tuberculosis is the most common, and the average life expectancy is barely 50 years.

Let us, however, leave the Chukchi to the Chukchi, and the walrus to the walrus and ask ourselves: would it be good or bad to live not only 120, but at least a hundred years? I am not talking about particular cases of longevity of some prominent personalities, for example, Hippocrates, Churchill, Uglov, Chelomey, etc., but about statistics.

And finally, the incredible happened: the priests of science, after long and painstaking searches, discovered the mechanism of influence on the biological clock and, in particular, the method of inhibiting their progress. On the World Wide Web, like a nuclear explosion, a sensation spread in a flash: a mechanism was found to control the body's biological clock! With old age is over! From this day, civilization begins a new countdown, when every person on the planet has a real opportunity to live for at least 100 years! Now, if desired, any citizen can become Methuselah, Noah or Savaof and, along with receiving a document of majority, receive a warranty certificate for the number of years ordered.

Rejoice, be merry man in the street, disclose unclaimed talents, add the unfinished, finish the unfinished, time enough! Just remember, as “Our Father,” that if such an discovery is ever made, it will never be an open-secret secret — it is too dangerous to let the genie out of the bottle. Too long beard will reach for this discovery.

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