What habits will help preserve beauty for many years?

It is difficult, and not always possible, to constantly follow the plan and perform the procedures on points, visit beauty salons and a fitness center, not forgetting about proper nutrition and diets. It would be nice to come up with nice rules of beauty. No sooner said than done!

A set of rules for the preservation of beauty and health

The first rules concern nutrition


Every three months spend unloading two-week diets. The simplest option is the Kim Protasov diet, the Maggi diet, the Japanese diet, calorie counting. Build a menu, buy groceries and monitor food for two weeks. 4 courses per year will help you not to gain weight over the years.


Gradually replace desserts with fruits, dried fruits and nuts. On holidays or weekends you can enjoy the forbidden dessert or pastries, but in the daily menu, sweets should be excluded.

The drinks

Remember, a calorie drink is food. Drink water and unsweetened tea to quench your thirst. Exclude juices, soft drinks, sweet cocktails. The principle is the same as with desserts - if you really love, then leave only for special occasions.

These three rules of nutrition will reduce the overall caloric intake, significantly reduce the amount of sugar consumed and the risks of obesity, diabetes, intestinal disorders.

The second part of the rules is devoted to body care.


The body is a well-coordinated mechanism that requires regular care. Buy any body scrub or make it yourself from ground coffee and shower gel. A monthly 10-day course of scrub will maintain skin elasticity and help to effectively get rid of dead cells.


Train yourself to daily walks. Walk on the air for an hour a day - this will replace the workout and give a feasible load to all the muscles. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes, go to the park and walk. Come up with entertainment - listen to audio books, learn a foreign language - training the brain is needed as well as the body.

The third part of the rules for the soul

The older we get, the more we delve into everyday problems and lose our taste for life. Let's combine the pleasant with the useful and we will get personal hobbies for the soul and beauty.

Hobby number 1 - active. Remember what you always wanted to do - skate, learn yoga, dance, go skiing, visit the sights of the area or sit on the splits - it's time to do it.

Hobby number 2 - delicious, culinary. You probably know your weak spot in the diet, and focus on it. Eat little vegetables and love sweets - start collecting recipes for salads and homemade desserts.

In order not to abandon the hobby, and at the very beginning the temptation will be great, get an Instagram account, post photos of cooked dishes, share your success in dancing or sports.

And one more rulecombining all three components of the secret of beauty - nutrition, body care and care of the soul - buying only for yourself.

Allocate the amount in the budget that you will spend every month only on your desires. Manicure, pedicure, eyebrows, massage, hair removal, new bag, yogurt maker, vitamins course, yoga mat, skis, etc. Let you go for a massage just once a year, but go for it.

Be beautiful, love yourself!

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