How are quail eggs useful?

You can pamper the quail testicles with both a child and an elderly person, since they have no contraindications to use. The weight of a quail egg is only about 10 g, but it contains a large amount of biologically active substances.

High vitamin content group B contributes to the improvement of the human nervous system. Thanks to phosphorus, potassium, gland memory improves. In addition, quail eggs contribute to the development of children's mental abilities. Compared with chicken eggs, one gram of quail contains 2.5 times more vitamin A, almost 3 times more than vitamin B1, and more than 2 times more than B2. The level of phosphorus, potassium and iron in them is also several times higher.

Experts advise to include raw quail eggs in the diet of sick and weakened children. For example, in Japan, quail eggs are widely used in baby food. They have a positive effect on stunted children.

The special value of the miracle eggs is that they are able positively affect reproductive functions human body.

Another advantage of quail eggs is their long storage. At room temperature, they persist for a month, and in the refrigerator - up to 60 days. These valuable eggs can be eaten in any form: both raw and cooked, fried, baked and pickled (as you like). They are used to make mayonnaise, omelettes, scrambled eggs, salads, etc. Quail eggs are most useful to eat raw (half an hour before meals, washed down with water or juice). If this option is not to your liking, then you can add them to porridge, mashed potatoes or soup.

How much can you eat at once? Despite the unconditional benefit of quail eggs, still they should not be abused. Depending on your age, weight, body weight, etc., you need to remember about the rationality in the use of this useful product.

  • According to nutritionists, a child from 1 year to 3 years should not be given more than 2 testicles per day.
  • From 3 to 10 years allowed 3 eggs, up to 18 years - 4 pieces.
  • People under 50 years old can eat 5−6, and those who are already over 50, it is better to limit 4.

And finally, friends, I want to share simple and useful recipe for making quail eggs.

We will need:

  • 10–12 quail eggs;
  • 2 boiled potatoes;
  • 100 g sausage, ham or smoked chicken;
  • 2 pickled cucumbers (medium size);
  • jar of canned green peas;
  • salt - to taste;
  • dill, parsley, cilantro, etc. (any fresh greens);
  • a pack of mayonnaise (better on quail eggs, but in general any will fit) or
    a glass of sour cream, and then fit both (for an amateur).

My husband does not eat sour cream, so I use only mayonnaise. It turns out delicious!


1. Eggs, potatoes, ham, cucumbers, cut into small cubes.
2. Add green peas.
3. Fill with mayonnaise or sour cream.
4. Top salad sprinkle with herbs and grated cheese.

Bon Appetit everyone! Health to you and your loved ones!

Watch the video: 7 Wonderful Benefits of Quail Eggs (December 2019).


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