What warms a cold day? Cheese and Onion Pie!

There are many ways of heating, including the one from the joke: I will not catch up, so at least I will get warm.

I am lazy to list all the possibilities of raising the internal body temperature, but I would like to share one of my favorite types of entertainment on cold autumn and winter evenings, which makes it possible not only to warm up myself, but also to give warmth to others. You just have to make a pie.

I confess honestly, I got the idea to use cottage cheese for cooking not only sugary casserole with raisins from School of Life.ru, from Irina Kalinkina's article “How to deal with milk? Cooking from cottage cheese. Having added something, and having excluded something, I received a new recipe, repeatedly tested on myself and on relatives.

The most difficult stage of cooking for me is to drastically pull the lazy body out from under the rug and boldly march into the kitchen. First of all we light the oven, from this it immediately becomes warmer and more comfortable. While the oven is heating, there is time to do the dough and the filling.


I start with a large onion: it must be cleaned, washed and cut into cubes. You can, of course, use cutting rings and half rings, but, first, the filling will be inside the cake, and the case will not be presented to the cutting beauty, and second, you will have to either carefully bite the long half rings of the onion or pull it out with your teeth pieces of cake, which is undoubtedly fun, but it doesn’t look too aesthetic

Next we need cheese. I have not used melted curds for a long time, my intuition tells me that the main components of this product are starch, palm oil and flavor enhancers. Therefore, I take the usual hard cheese, rub it on a coarse grater, add one egg yolk and one finely chopped clove of garlic. The amount of cheese is determined by the strict formula "about as much", and if more precisely - about three tablespoons of cheese-egg-garlic mixture should turn out. It could be more, but I like this version of the lightweight. Egg white, left over from the yolk, while it should stand on the sidelines, its time has not come yet.


In a low wide saucepan I put one pack of cottage cheese (200 g), one chicken egg, one and a half cups of wheat flour. Flour would be good to sift, so the dough will be more magnificent. At first I mix the dough with a fork, a rather viscous, dry substance is obtained. Add a tablespoon of vegetable oil, salt and ground black pepper. After that, mix the dough with your hands.

Then I remember the saying about Akulin, pies and gates, put on a big apron and start rolling out the dough on the table. So that it does not stick to the rolling pin and the table top, I put some flour on the table. For the bottom of the cake, I take a bigger dough, roll out approximately the correct pancake shape and put it on a greased baking sheet.

Now it's time to introduce the pie with the filling. First comes the onion, then the cheese putty. I quickly roll out the remaining dough into a pancake of the appropriate shape, put it on the stuffing, pinch the edges tightly and carefully. It turns out such a sweet cake. It remains only to take a cup of egg white, add salt and pepper to it, mix and smear our tortilla with this mixture.

That's it, the pie went to the oven.

Those 20 minutes that he will be baked, you need to spend with benefit and prepare a drink - do not eat the same cake without a cake. Tea: black, green, herbal, ginger, carcade - will suit the cake. If you want to drink not only hot, but also hot, then you can make mulled wine.

For mulled wine, I take the simplest dry red wine, pour it into a saucepan, put it on the fire and begin to conjure with spices: honey, cloves, orange or lemon skins, ginger root, cinnamon, mint - it's all about. Be sure to cover the pot with a lid, and as soon as the witch's decoction warms up well, I pour it into a thermos scalded with boiling water.

Now counting bonuses. In the kitchen warming from the oven, aromas of spices and regular home-baking appear, washed away from the flour and dough of the cheeks, pinking merrily, and all the living creatures living in the apartment draw curious noses to the cake, checking whether it is ready.

I'm ready now! A warm amber-colored homemade cake solemnly floats out of the stove, it remains only to cut it and serve it. And then, you know how it happens: after one piece comes the second, then you want to take a third, it would be nice to have a fourth, but the plate is already empty.

Little tricks

If the cake is not eaten right away, you can then heat it in the microwave, the taste will be no worse. Cottage cheese is better to buy either on the market or to choose local producers. Once I baked a cake of cottage cheese of a large Russian brand - the dough turned out to taste “starch with flour”. Ate, of course, but told not to do so anymore.

Precautionary measures

Fresh homemade pastries are not harmful to health by themselves if consumed in reasonable quantities. But, as is often the case, even when I was already full, I want to eat another piece of cake just for fun. And from the state of a hungry person, you imperceptibly fall into the category of a devoured Hippo with such a belly. Be careful with this case, take care.

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