How and what to talk with a man?

In each specific situation we act differently. The status of the man in question (boss / beloved / brother / friend / cellmate), and his age (20 years / 30 years / 50 years / 80 years / do not live so much), and even the pattern on his tie (striped / cell / circle / mickey mouse). Referring to the experience of generations, we can say the following:

1. Interest

Attention! America is opening! Drum roll ... With a man you need to talk about what he is interested. Phew ... America has opened. There were no casualties.

A logical question: what is interesting to a man? The list of platitudes is large enough, so there is plenty to choose from. Offhand you can call sports, politics, money, cars, movies, music. These topics represent the extreme degree of generalization of the hypothetical interests of the representative of a strong half of humanity. It’s not at all true that this particular object of adoration is a fan of the CSKA football team simply because he is a man and lives in Moscow. What if his foggy youth passed in Petersburg, and since those immemorial times has he remained faithful to Zenit?

2. Compliment

In any situation, in any weather and water temperature in the Pacific Ocean is always the way to such a thing as a compliment. No need for linguistic delights and ornate verbal constructions. An elementary “You look great!” Will give every man a charge of cheerfulness, and you - his location. It is precisely because men for some reason do not make compliments, they value them so much. The main condition is sincerity. If you want to stand out, you have to strain yourself. Best of all are remembered all sorts of laughability. “Gods, you have great shoes! One left, the other right. They are so harmoniously combined with each other! I'm smitten. ”In the top ten. Will remember for sure.

3. Special Article

Talking with men about men is always exciting. And not easy. If you start praising someone, it will become jealous. Especially nervous in an impulse of the righteous (from their point of view) anger will leap up from its place, raise a hand and point the way, like a monument to Lenin, specifying the direction with the phrase “Come on to him, since he is so wonderful!”. If you take turns recalling and voicing all the shortcomings of the comrade in question, then you risk developing paranoia and an obsessive thought with the interlocutor: “And what if she tells someone exactly the same about me all sorts of nastiness?”. Neither one nor the other option does not suit us in any way. Where is the way out?

You can, of course, not to discuss other men at all. However, after a couple of conversations, there is inevitably a clash with some difficulties in solving the problem in the above-mentioned way. It is impossible to exclude the male topic altogether from conversations! From the song you can not throw out the words, as they say. What remains to do?

I offer two options. First: let them discuss their own kind. We must give the man to speak out. Let him express his detailed opinion, give arguments and arguments, try to decide the fate of the world. The main time to ask a smart question to generate a new stream of thought ejection. A bunch of benefits! Especially for the speaker. He will be able to present himself favorably in the light of a competitor (albeit hypothetical), choose the tone of the conversation, filter out unwanted topics.

The second option: just joking. No, really. Humor is a unique weapon. Not irony, and certainly not satire. Just humor. A man will be confused, because it is completely unclear whether his interlocutor really has such an opinion or is it just a joke? A certain amount of mystery and mystery will not interfere, as you think?

The weaker sex is stronger than the stronger because of the weakness of the stronger sex to the weaker. This has long been known. So let's support the stronger sex and talk about them either well or ... Or funny =)

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