How penny spoons almost became "gold"? From the cycle "Shuttle bikes from Karpov"

Building such chandeliers is a very troublesome and long business, and since we do not have any other classes before the return flight, Istanbul is already tired, we don’t want to wander without any reason, there is no money, everyone has spent money on chandeliers, we decided to collect a set of hangers and chains here, especially since Muzo himself does it very cleverly, and does not take money for the assembly. In general, he says that he sells chandeliers in the collection and makes a discount to us not for taking them in unassembled form, but for the volume of purchases. Muzo even has a favorite saying - “wholesale is cheaper,” he inserts it everywhere, so he is already tired. And we take a lot of chandeliers, fifty pieces each time we are taking from Istanbul, exactly as much as we can drag and drop into the plane.

Well, okay, well, even that morning was set free, we had long wanted to look at the Sunday Turkish bazaar. There is such a “big” collection of small-scale clothing manufacturers and economic items. There are no Russians there, trading for lira is not interesting in general, but still entertainment. Aleshka, my very young partner, and began to pester:

- Anatoly Ilyich, let us go to this bazaar, my wife commissioned me to buy any nonsense for the house. I don’t know where to look for her, but maybe in the bazaar there is.

Go to the bazaar for about twenty minutes, the weather is good, and we relaxed. There are plenty of people on the streets, and we go, loudly discussing our plans in pure Russian. Here it is not very recommended to do so, you never know who you can run into, but I repeat, we relaxed a lot, so we lost our vigilance.

We got to the bazaar, everything is as usual - noise, hubbub, hustle, Turks - the people of the East, they do it even louder than we do, you can go deaf. We wander between the rows, we consider everything, they are bargaining some sort of nonsense, it is often impossible to understand why this is all. But they have their own orders, customs and habits, so they probably need such small things in the household.

Suddenly Leshka says:

- Anatoly Ilyich, and let us take a set of teaspoons of tea to our office, otherwise our big ones will be uncomfortable to interfere with them in Turkish cups.

We brought these cups, which are called “mess” in Turkish, for a long time, and we love to drink tea very much, you can take a sip of whole days, as the Turks do, and we are addicted too. And stirring them with our spoons is really uncomfortable.

I looked - on one of the wooden folding tables lies a whole mountain of cardboard boxes with small teaspoons of such teaspoons, just right for these “mess” adapted. So I’ve got a pocket bust in my pocket and a $ 20 bill, just in case deferred, I take it out, handing over the box to Aleshka, and I’m waiting for the change when the Turks in dollars from all their neighbors are ponaberat, lira does not need us. Five minutes, he ran through the ranks and a whole bunch of $ 1 bills dragged. I counted them for order and put them back in my pocket, and fastened the button.

As soon as we moved away from the table and found ourselves in the midst of the crush, as I hear from behind, with a characteristic accent, someone appeals to me:

- Slyushay daragoy, you now give me the money.

I turn around, there is a young guy behind me in a black leather jacket with such a characteristic appearance, they were full of on the streets of Istanbul, they were Russian tourists, they were looting right in front of everyone. Two or three people will approach this way, they will press it to the wall, they will go through the pockets, the money that they will find, will scoop up and dissolve in the crowd. Every day someone complained about this mess. The Turkish authorities did not care, but we were fed up, and very much so. You know how unpleasant it is to walk in tension all the time, that's why we tried not to communicate loudly in Russian on the street, so as not to speak, and here we must relax.

I stand, silently turning my head in all directions, and he continues:

- Do not look out for the police, it is lured by us, do not make a noise, the cops will come running and you will find a bag of powder in your pocket. You do not know how long in Turkey they give for this, you will know quickly. So unbutton the button, get the money and give it to me. The boy has no money, you can see it in the face, he looks with such greed at the rich, you also hardly have any, and give these, I need them more than you. You will still earn something, and where can I get it if not from you, - and he laughed so vilely.

Most of all I was afraid that he would search me. I had a big pocket in my trousers from the inside, and in it $ 6,000 lay, the rest that we had to give Muzafer for the goods. By agreement, on arrival we gave him half, and the second on the last day. This day today has come, so I foolishly, but by my laziness, I took all the money from the hotel safe and took it with me, the Lyustrovyi shop is located not far from this bazaar, I was walking around, I thought, so I’ve got it.

I looked around, but I noticed only two children of the same, very similar to my counterpart, at least they had bought black leather jackets in exactly the same place. Probably his brothers - I thought. One of them smiled at me, yes so affably that I even flinched, while he twisted his finger, which means let's quickly that you pull, you still have to do as we demand.

With such a sigh, I undid the button and took out this filthy bundle of papers, that these guys should have only a desire to leave without taking these mere pennies, but they took them away and disappeared, like a heavy dream or vision.

A dozen minutes later, together with Muzo, we had already removed the heavy curtains from the windows of the store, then, until two o'clock in the morning, we collected crystal in iridescent snakes, or in large pendants consisting of various sized sparkling parts. I didn’t want to recall what happened at the market.

Two days passed, and this morning the secretary brought a tray with pretty glass cups to our office. Leshka took a cardboard box out of the bag and, looking at it thoughtfully, said:

- Dear, however, turned out spoons.

I did not say anything, but I thought: “It’s good that they didn’t search, otherwise these spoons could be golden.”

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