What does the Devil's Belt sew? Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is the most famous of these places. This is an area in the Atlantic Ocean, known for the disappearance of ships and aircraft, it is located between Miami, Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, covering an area of ​​more than a million square kilometers.

He received the name from the author of the article “The Deadly Bermuda Triangle” by V. Gaddis (1964). But long before him, the sailors called this area the triangle of death, the sea of ​​misfortune, the sea of ​​the damned, the sea of ​​voodoo, the diabolical sea, the cemetery of the Atlantic, etc.

In the logbook of Christopher Columbus there was a record that in this part of the ocean the team noticed special spots on the water that radiated light: “something in the shape of a candle wax that either rose, then fell.”

Another historical evidence dates back to 1840: then, near the port of Nassau (the capital of the Bahamas), the French sailing vessel Rosalie was found, drifting. All the sails were raised on it, there was all the necessary equipment, the cargo was intact, and there was no damage on the ship ... but none of the crew members were on board.

Forty years later, the British ship "Atlanta" disappeared. And in the XX century, the mysterious disappearances either became more, or simply information was added. In 1945, five American torpedo bombers disappeared; in 1950 - cargo ship Sandra, en route from the USA to Venezuela, etc.

Regarding the causes of this kind of oddities that occur in the area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle, there are a wide variety of versions, from mystical to materialistic, and there are several dozen of them. Commemorate and aliens, and a hole in the sky, opening the way to other worlds, and space-time jumps.

These are hypotheses. And what about the facts? Firstly, this area is very dangerous in terms of meteorology. Here trade winds constantly blow, often there are strong storms, tropical cyclones and tornadoes. When the actions of air and water flows overlap, a particularly strong threat arises.
Hydrologists also note an increased sulfur content in the water and methane explosions (several years ago, the presence of methane clathrates even tried to explain the mystery of Bermuda). Funny: one of the authors of this concept was the namesake of Vladimir Vysotsky, who - remember? - wrote a song about the Bermuda Triangle.

Explain the phenomenon and stray waves (up to 30 m), and the effect of infrasound. All phenomena (luminescence, whirlpools, fountains escaping from the water, etc.), as evidenced by the surviving participants of the events who have not lost their memory, can be associated with the turbulences of very strong magnetic fields: the onboard devices fail. In addition, navigation instruments fail, because in the Bermuda Triangle, the arrows of the compasses do not point to the pole.

Isaac Asimov said about the Bermuda Triangle: “Any accident in principle remains“ mysterious ”until the causes and circumstances of the tragedy are clarified.” This has not happened yet, alas ...


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