Rhode Island is the smallest state in the USA. What is interesting about his characters?

The full name of this state is Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Initially, the state consisted of two parts: the part located on the mainland, called Providensky plantations, with the capital Providence, and the other part - the island of Rod, the capital of which was the major port of Newport.

The name Rhode Island, meaning "red island", these lands received thanks to the Dutch navigator Andrian Blok. The soil of the coast of the island on which he landed had a red tint.

It is noteworthy that Rhode Island was among the 13 colonies that rebelled against England, and in May 1652, the first in North America adopted a law abolishing slavery.

In May 1790, Rhode Island became part of the United States, becoming the 13th state, which is displayed on its flag, which has thirteen stars on the cloth.

The official nicknames of the state reflect its location and size: Ocean State and Little Rodi.

The short motto “Hope!” (“Hope!”) Speaks for itself. Residents of the state are full of hope that well-being will not pass them by, because, being on the ocean coast, the state often, especially in the winter months, attend blizzards and fierce snowstorms.

But the characters of the inhabitants of Rhode Island have come up with not so much, but then each of them is quite interesting.

The state flower is violet, the tree is red maple, the fruit is Rhode Island Greening apples, the drink is coffee milk, the bird is the Rhode Island chicken, the fish is striped laurel, the mineral is bowenite.

It seems that the violet has become a floral symbol of the state not by chance. More than 70% of the population of Rhode Island are immigrants from Europe - the Italians, the British, the French, the Portuguese and other nations, and for them the modest and gentle violet has long been a beloved and revered plant.

Besides Rhode Island, violet is a symbol of Illinois, New Jersey and Wisconia.

Violet (Viola) - a genus of herbaceous plants from the Fialkov family, mainly grows in the Northern Hemisphere, the greatest diversity of its species is observed in North America, the Andes, Japan.

Hooked-curled violet is widespread in North America. Low bushes, 5−10 cm in height, decorated with purple leaves, and in the period of prolonged flowering - purple flowers.

Tender, romantic lines about this modest and inconspicuous plant were written in 1797 by Walter Scott:

In hazel in the shade of bushes
Her eye flashes blue ...
Violet is better than all colors
In any forest, in any valley.

How good is dew tear
On the petals in front of me!
But there are prettier eyes,
And in them the tear shines sometimes.

Sun ray in the bliss of summer days
In the morning all the dew drops will dry ...
So at my pretender
Instantly dry tears.

A few words about the fish symbol: striped laurel, or striped bass, is found off the North American coast of the Atlantic Ocean. These perch are quite large - grow up to 120 cm in length and more.

The feathered symbol of the state is quite well-known among professionals - many prefer to breed the Rhode Island chickens. The breed was bred in the middle of the XIX century in the United States, is used to produce meat and eggs, is highly productive and endurance. In Russia, these chickens came in the early twentieth century.

One of the significant advantages of the breed: chickens can nest and hatch eggs even in low temperature conditions. But it was not without flaws: the chickens have a poorly developed hen instinct. True, farmers with this disadvantage successfully cope using incubators or chicks of other breeds.

The mineral symbol bovevit (bowenite, boven jade, boven jade) is a type of serpentine, has a pale green color. This mineral was first found in Rhode Island by George Boven in the early 19th century. In honor of the discoverer and was named bovenite. In 1966, the mineral became a symbol of the state.

Bonevit is rare, but it is inexpensive. The best are stones with a yellow-green color and texture similar to butter. There are also gray, brown, bluish bonevity - the color depends on impurities.

This mineral is easily polished, has a soft silky sheen. Bonevit appreciated in the workshop of Carl Faberge. In 1910, Fedor Afanasyev, one of the masters of the workshop, made a magnificent Easter egg from this stone.

The tree symbolism of Rhode Island - red maple, known primarily as a symbol of Canada. This tree most often grows in the eastern part of North America. To the conditions of growth unpretentious. Thanks to the leaves, painted in red and yellow-orange tones, red maple look very elegant.

For a long time, the North Indians knew about the beneficial properties of maple sap and prepared from it a special recipe for maple syrup, which is popular with Americans in our time.

Apples have become popular in North American lands thanks to European settlers. William Blackstone laid the first apple orchard in Boston in the early 17th century, then he moved to Rhode Island, where he probably also started growing these trees.

Nowadays, many autumn and winter varieties of apples have appeared, including the Rhode Island Greening variety.

Back in those days, apple cider became popular, and later the hostesses began to bake apple pie, which eventually became traditional. american apple pie.

It is not difficult to bake such a pie: take 300 g of wheat flour, mix it on the tip of a salt knife, half a cup of sugar. A teaspoon of lemon juice diluted in a tablespoon of water (you can take a third teaspoon of citric acid). 200 g butter (you can margarine) cut into cubes. Combine all the blanks, knead the dough, put in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes.

Apples cut into slices, sprinkle with a tablespoon of starch, cinnamon, sugar, if sour, mix.

Put two thirds of the dough on the bottom of the mold so that the dough is distributed on the walls, pierce with a fork, on top - apples, cover with the remaining dough, pinch the edges of the cake. In the middle make a hole: round, in the form of a flower - this is how fantasy tells. Beat the egg and cover the cake with it. Bake at 180 degrees for 45-50 minutes. Serve cold.

Just the way to recall the state of the drink - coffee milk. Different recipes are offered, but I liked this: add strong black coffee (2–3 tablespoons) to a glass of warm milk sweetened with sugar or honey.

Such coffee milk will be in perfect harmony with a piece of apple pie that has cinnamon flavor.

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