Why is the boomerang cult in Australia?

More precisely, they are directed towards each other, and above them on the supports is a high (81 meter) steel flagpole with a huge flag of the country waving in the wind. All sizes of Parliament struck by the scale. But most of all, it was intrigued by the fact that it has the form of two boomerangs.

Of course, I wanted to know how the idea appeared with the construction of the Parliament with such an original and unexpected form for Europeans. (Australia, as is known, was opened in 1606, from which Europeans began its colonization.) It would be logical, against the background of history, to have a Parliament with purely European standards in architecture. And suddenly ... boomerangs ?!

To understand such a strange paradox, it is necessary to specifically explain why in the world it is believed that the Australian aborigines invented the boomerang. Although scientists and archaeologists have found boomerang-like objects (related to the late Paleolithic) in the caves of several countries in Europe and Asia. In particular, on the territory of modern France. Boomerangs are quite well recognized in the drawings in the burial chambers of the Egyptian pharaohs.

Then why is priority in invention given to Australian tribes? The thing is, it was the indigenous people of Australia who first came up with boomerang returning into the arms of the one who threw him. On other continents, several other constructions were used, which simply came back, but not into the hands. Boomerang had to track the eyes at the moment of flight and change their position to catch him.

In addition, it was the Australians who first came up with and effective fighting boomerangs with increased flight range, which struck from behind or from the side, but did not return. An important advantage of them was that the enemy could not always guess which side would receive a blow in order to avoid a flying boomerang. The effectiveness of this throwing weapon, the Europeans could evaluate on themselves during the colonization of Australia.

The population of Australia began about 40 thousand years ago. The current population of the country - mostly immigrants from Britain. In addition to the indigenous Australians and the British who came, there are a lot of Germans in the population, people from Italy, Greece, China and Vietnam. But all united by the fact that Australia is proud of its exotic. And it is not only natural.

It is no coincidence that the coat of arms of this country is kangaroo and ostrich. And the best selling amulet for tourists is a boomerang. Of course, he is on the wall and the Australians themselves. In this regard, it is worth mentioning in particular that Australia is the only country in the world where boomerang throwing competitions are held.

During World War I, the indigenous people of Australia were mobilized into the British Royal Army. In the chronicles of that time there are records of the use of a boomerang grenade. Most likely, elongated boomerangs of the second type (not returning) were used and a grenade was tied to them. The range of such a boomerang could exceed 100 meters, which could very effectively be in a trench war.

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