How to make a prophetic dream?

Usually, prophetic dreams we dream on the eve of some important eventsto warn or prepare for them. But if it is necessary to find out the answer to a question, to look ahead to the situation, you can call a prophetic dream any night.

The most auspicious days for making dreams are Thursdays (Thursday through Friday), as well as the days preceding major Christian holidays: Palm Sunday, Annunciation, Lent, Baptism and Trinity.

Before going to bed, it is necessary to begin to clearly formulate the question, the answer to which we want to know, as well as determine its importance and necessity. Because you should not know about some things in advance. If the information about them, which came in a dream, did not meet expectations, a person can programmed himself negatively, without giving the situation a chance to change. After all, a dream is not a picture from the future, but only a warning about a possible development of events.

So, the question should be formulated clearly and in a form that would suggest only a specific answer: "yes" or "no." For example: “Will I get a job in a company, where do I go for an interview?” The question must be repeated to myself several times, like a patter, so that it is imprinted in the mind.

It is advisable to go to bed immediately, coming home from work and remaking all the household chores, not spending time watching movies and TV shows, the impressions of which can fall into a dream.

The room should not be anyone. After the desired question has been repeated many times, you need to immediately go to bed, not getting up anywhere and not talking to anyone. We must try to fall asleep immediately.

In the process of preparing for watching a dream, you can prepare a notebook with a pen in advance and put them under the pillow.

In the morning, barely awake, try to recall and write down in detail everything that you saw in a dream. Sleep may not always be unambiguous. Sometimes the right information comes in the form of characters. The more details will be recorded, the easier it will be to analyze and decipher the answer to the question that came in a dream. If you could not do it yourself, you can use one of the existing dream books.

Sometimes, in order to hedge and strengthen the power of sleep, besides the desired date and the question itself, use additional objects and conspiracies.

For example, they put a small mirror under the pillow with the words: “As light and shadow are reflected in it, so the answer to the question is reflected in my dream”. Or pronounce the following words: “I go to bed on the night of (the day of the week) under the Siamese Mountain. Three angels overhead: one hears, the second sees, the third - will tell me ".

It is worth noting that the main thing in the prophesy of prophetic dreams is the right attitude. You need to sleep in a calm, peaceful state, ready to receive important information. Therefore, before you go to sleep, you can ventilate the room and smoke it with an incense stick. And also drink a cup of mint or lime tea.

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