How to make friends with a horse?

First tip: before you go, do not forget to buy carrots, apples or, at worst, at least cookies.

Further: you came to the stable or to the hippodrome, or whatever you asked for a ride - this is an ordinary matter. Do not forget to warn you that you are new and that you are given a calm horse.

Another very important point. For saddles, horses are usually taken out "at a decoupling" - this is when they stand in the corridor tied to a chain or a rope stretched between walls. Ask that before this you be allowed to go to the horse to the horse to establish the so-called initial contact. Believe me, this is a much more exciting thing than horse riding itself.

So, you entered the stall - a room three to three, and the door was closed behind you! Now you are alone with this huge creature, looking at you with large kind eyes. He strained all over, raised his head, began to noisily suck in the air, spin his ears.

“Easy, small, don't be afraid, it's me, I came just to talk ...” - so gently and barely audibly that he listened. Come slowly but surely, stretching out your hand with your open palm forward. Here is his soft, warm face already in your palm ... do not be afraid, do not worry. He will not bite, dexterous horse lips are just looking for treats, so it's time to give it!

The main thing - do not be afraid and behave confidently, let's eat with an open palm, somewhat tense, fingers together and bent back a maximum. Horses do not bite, but by mistake they can grab a finger, taking it for another carrot. Clap and stroke the new friend with the other hand on the shoulder during a treat. Notice: exactly shoulder, and not on the neck and not on the head! It is important! You just came! You are not so close with this handsome man to scratch his face. And most importantly, God forbid you to make sudden movements around an unfamiliar horse! It may even be dangerous! Although rare, but why do you once again scare him?

So, the whole carrot has been eaten, apples are gnawed, cookies too, and the deliciously yanky handsome man pokes his face into your stomach, trying to go into his pockets ... Just the time to take the relationship to a new level! You scratched his shoulder and withers, as I advised? Here, now slowly go to the neck.

Usually horses happily accept such signs of attention and reciprocate. Here at beginner equestrians and there comes a bummer! After all, what are your 70, well, let's say, 80 kilograms against half a ton? This is how your teeth will love you with love! And the teeth, I must say, they still have those! There are even fangs!

Therefore, I recommend to immediately put my palm to his face, as then, during the treats, and, holding it open, allow him to scratch as much as he pleases. For some reason, many at this stage are beginning to show signs of fear: they lower their hands, they tense up, they smile and leave with confusion. Do not do this! The horse will not be able to understand why you, at the height of communication, suddenly decided to leave - this will remain a secret for her.

In herds horses often scratch each other, these mutual caresses are called grooming and are a sign of friendship. You can congratulate yourself, you found a new friend! So scratch him properly - he loves it, and he will show you where he was scratched.

When he lets you stroke and scratch muzzle, especially near the eyes and ears, you can be sure that friendships have been established. Now you can proceed to the saddle, however, you must first clean the horse. But that's another story ...

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