Where is nature calling? To the World Day of the toilet

Yet the organizers had the wisdom and sense of humor, and now among the celebrated dates, the inhabitants of the Earth had another - somewhat extravagant - object for celebration.

And in 2009, the short, but so important for the needs of mankind, the term “toilet” (in the English version of the toilet bowl) celebrated its centenary. On the origin of the word in Russian there are several versions. The most common is the one according to which the first copies of vital amenities were supplied to Russia by the Spanish firm Unitas, which means “unity”. Funny pun.

From Wikipedia:
World Toilet Organization (eng. World Toilet Organization (WTO) - an organization established in 2001 in Singapore during an international conference on the problems of toilets - sanitation, which annually from 2001 to 2011 held World Toilet Summits.

Officially, the day November 19 is intended for large-scale campaigning about the problems of clean water and sanitation in the third world countries.

The lack of access to clean water, toilets and a place for receiving water procedures in many countries of Asia and Africa has led to the fact that today more than two and a half billion people have problems with the aforementioned necessary amenities. And this figure covers almost 30% of the total population of the Earth.

“When nature calls, we should listen”

This is the slogan of the upcoming World Toilet Day on November 19, 2018.

Here are just a few interesting facts: each of the eight people living in our world, is forced to defend the need of an open place, regardless of the "audience". If we take into account that according to approximate calculations we spend an hour and a half in our comfortable toilets a day, what can we add here?

Lack of hygiene and poor awareness of it is a frequent cause of infant mortality due to diarrhea, especially if the child is not inspired by the simplest rules of hygiene: wash hands before eating and after using the toilet. Children just did not hear about them. By 2030, the UN has pledged to provide adequate sanitary conditions for all the inhabitants of the planet.

In the meantime, let's take a look at the most extravagant devices that the booths with the popular name “point” have become.

The most expensive, he's cosmic

This is the officially named space control room (sanitary disposal device). The cost of such an absolutely necessary device in space in 2008 was about $ 20 million. It was created in Russia by a corporation engaged in the research of devices necessary for the operation of spacecraft and stations. And the new device is very similar to its earthly original. It is noteworthy that NASA purchased it in Russia, since it would be several times more expensive to spend money on its own invention.

Since astronauts, since 1961, were constantly asked how “this” happened to them, the first British astronaut Tim Peake published a book in 2017 “Ask ... an astronaut!”, Which also included this question that concerns everyone: “It's “And he shot a short toilet clip on the International Space Station. Now it can be found in Youtube.


In 2001, many could admire, and some could purchase, for personal use, the golden miracle from a Hong Kong jewelry store with the telling name “Golden House” from HangFung Gold Technology Group. The cost of the product is about $ 5 million.

In the specially equipped hall there is not only the most precious work of art weighing 280 kg, made of pure gold, but also the decoration of the toilet room with gold floors, walls and a number of decorations that delight the eye. For facing the entire toilet needed a ton of gold. And in addition to a few thousand more precious stones from the most expensive rocks.

It is allowed to enter here, having previously purchased shoe covers, and for an additional fee, which is not that big, only $ 20, you can sit on this specimen. But only in clothes. And take a selfie.

They say one of the two copies was bought by someone who wished to remain anonymous. Interestingly, for home needs or for a collection?

The most expensive from Swarowski

In 2008, a year before the centenary of the birth of the first toilet bowl, a real masterpiece was created in Japan - something dazzling, sparkling, studded with Swarovski crystals. The price of this product is today $ 5 million. It is unlikely that anyone would want to sit down at this miracle, at all exhibitions cordoned off by security guards and visitors.

However, in 2011, the right to a glamorous miracle was challenged by another Japanese company that also wants to be ahead of the rest. The company has somewhat eased its exposure, arguing that it is no worse, because it is decorated with 72 thousand precious Austrian stones from Swarowski, and it costs only 130 thousand dollars of design thought miracle.

The most luxurious American

Well, of course, in Japan, in Hong Kong, and not in the States? There is not one.

For example, WC in the Shoji Tabuchi Theater of the American town of Branson, Missouri is considered the most luxurious. It is decorated as toilets, typical of the imperial palaces of Japan. When making a luxurious toilet, the most beautiful traditions of the end of the XIX century were taken into account, it was these toilet rooms that were built in the palaces of Japan during the reign of Emperor Meiji. Yes, the same one to whose reign the famous richly illustrated book "The Emperor Meiji and his Japan" is dedicated.

Let's go back to the theater toilet itself. Rare views of Italian marble for tiling, unique mosaics and stunning stained glass windows, luxurious chandeliers in the spirit of Japanese palace rooms give this ordinary room the look of a real chapel. It is not for nothing that in the year of the 100th jubilee of toilets this, theatrical, received the first place in the USA and the second in the world - after the golden one in Hong Kong.

There are still many works of art from this series, for which they are willing to pay exorbitant amounts. We turn to the budget, but unusual options necessary comfort.

Transparent or glass

The right to be called such disputed London glass toilet, located just on the ... street. If you enter the booth, you are watching a busy street full of passersby. And they do not see you - the focus is in tinted glass. They say extremes like it.

But in the New York bar Bar89, which became famous for its WC, the booths are made of glass, which becomes dull, when the booth comes in and is locked with a latch - the trigger mechanism. After that, “Occupied” appears outside.

Visitors are waiting for the mechanism to fail in order to admire the effect produced and, of course, to take a picture or video. So far no one has been able to boast about it.

Egg-shaped booths

London did not want to give in to New York and challenged: in the Sketch restaurant, they built eight giant eggs, which are toilet cubicles with sinks. Kitchen - a minor matter, all visitors want only one. But miss - here, as in the quest, you need to know the route. Just for ordering a glass of water the bartender will not show it.

And now truly extreme. And each is known in its own way.

Number One - Guatemalan Penthouse

This is the result of the work of the whole design company, the designers of which offered for the High-End penthouse to position the toilet above the elevator shaft. If we consider that convenience is located at an altitude of 45 meters, on the 15th floor of a high-rise built back in the 70s, and it also has a transparent floor, you can imagine the feelings of visitors. But what a view!

At first it was supposed to run two elevators. But then one of the customers dawned on insight, and from the money and materials saved, it was decided to create a piece - a toilet room with a glass floor on the top floor. The building was later called “Toilet Penthouse”, and the tourist trail to it does not grow.

Number two - toilet over the cliff

This is a regular toilet, located in a completely unusual place. It hangs like a swallow's nest at the Altai Karateyurek meteorological station, which was discovered in 1939. The point of this place is that the platform on which the toilet was installed is at an altitude of about 3000 meters. And this restroom is only for fans of extreme sports.

Or station workers, which is basically the same thing. Those who love the adrenaline rush are completely unsure that the engineering calculations of the hanging booth are 100% competently performed. So they play Russian roulette at such a height, and even sitting with a gadget in their hands.

Here, too, a crowd of extremes flows, but in numbers it is inferior to Guatemalan.

And where in this series include our ordinary rural toilet "type of toilet"? By the way, in the world for some reason these conveniences are called Indian. Although in India there are even more stunning imagination options - for example, the Bombay Pipe.

Watch the video: World Toilet Day 2018: When Nature Calls 19 November (December 2019).


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