New films. What to watch on the weekend of May 13? "Dark shadows" and others.

Superhero comics continues the victorious procession around the planet, and no one and nothing can intervene in this process.

The company "dark shadows" will make the Australian adventure film "Hunter" with Willem Dafoe, two French comedies, the newest version of "Tom Sawyer" from Germany and a couple of animation projects. And now more:

1. “Dark Shadows” (Dark Shadows, 2012)

The creative tandem of Burton and Depp is one of the most durable in modern Hollywood. The close friendship of the director and actor continues to delight fans, giving out all the new kinoobrazy. In the eighth joint project (for the first time, filmmakers met on the set of "Edward Scissorhands" back in 1990), Depp will play ... a vampire.

Barnabas Collins, who came to his senses after a two-century dream, a hereditary nobleman and a part-time vampire, gazed with wonder at the changed world of the second half of the 20th century. His once luxurious possessions came into disrepair, and a few descendants - a bunch of losers. Alive and malicious witch, who a couple of centuries ago became very angry with the loving Barnabas and turned him into an immortal, but bloodsucker. Now the vampire will not only have to adapt to new realities, but also to cross swords with old enemies.

Johnny Depp at the "main dark tale-teller" of Hollywood regularly depicts eccentric characters. Here are Edward Scissorhands, the Mad Hatter, the famous Willy Wonka, and the weird Icabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow. Simply put, Burton’s normal types aren’t for his friend. Maybe it's for the better, because Depp's texture is just made for this kind of experiment. And “Dark Shadows” is proof of that.

2. "The Hunter" (The Hunter, 2011)

A lone hunter is hired by a powerful biotechnology corporation to search for the last specimen of the rarest animal - an Australian or Tasmanian tiger. This view is considered to be missing from the face of the Earth, but the task has been set, which means it must be carried out. The problem is that finding an animal is just half the trouble. Around the search for the unfortunate tiger, an unhealthy fuss unfolds, and, apparently, some people do not at all want this transaction to take place.

Debutant Daniel Nettheim has many advantages. First, the participation of the bright characteristic actors of Willem Dafoe and Sam Neal, whose game is the adornment of any film. Secondly, the non-trivial execution of a simple storyline about a lonely hunter. Thirdly, a competent musical range and the most beautiful kinds of Australia. And, of course, an elegant docking of drama and adventure, where every genre is paid a lot of attention. All this makes Nettheim's work unlike stamped Hollywood tapes.

3. “Chef” (Comme un chef, 2012)

Cook chef - strife. When the venerable restaurateur and culinary specialist Alexander (Jean Reno) finds a catastrophic lack of new ideas, a talented but obstinate “genius” (Michael Eun) comes to his aid. These two are in dire need of each other, but they absolutely cannot get along in the same kitchen. But it is necessary, because one needs to keep the brand and be known as an ideological innovator, and the other is keenly want recognition.

The brilliant duet of two French performers will not leave the viewer indifferent. As usual, the French are able and love to shoot comedies of positions, and Jean Reno has more than once proved that he is equally successful in combining the image of a hochmach and a harsh hero of militants.

4. “Love lives for three years” (L'amour dure trois ans, 2011)

If the “Chief” of Daniel Cohen nominally refers to the French mainstream, the tape of Frederick Begbeder is a kind of opposition. Reckless, light romantic comedy about a journalist who sincerely believes in the transience of a wonderful feeling. His first book - the story that nothing lasts forever under the Moon and happiness inevitably withers under the routine of bytovuhi and habits. The trouble, given that the manuscript falls to his beloved, who is not at all happy to know in advance what will end their passionate romance.

Begbeder famous script for the film "99 francs." “Love lives for three years” - his first work as a director, and therefore the producers were afraid to entrust the novice director of any well-known performers. The exception was the invitation to the main female role of Louise Bourgoin from “The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele”. Like “99 francs,” the new Begbedera tape is not a movie for everyone. The Frenchman has his own, pronounced stylistics of the narrative, in sharp contrast with the usual canons of French romantic comedies.

5. “Tom Sawyer” (Tom Sawyer, 2011)

It turns out that the Germans are able not only to rivet teen comedies like “Ants in pants”, but also quite successfully turn over children's classics. In the same places where Anthony Minghella filmed “Cold Mountain” in 2003, 8 years later German filmmakers turned to the legendary Mark Twain novel “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn”. And they even received a local award for a significant contribution to the popularization of children's cinema. By the way, deservedly so.

I remember that in the USSR there is also a positive experience of the adaptation of Twain's work. And, of course, it will be unusual for the domestic viewer to look at the new faces of the characters. Someone may even prefer the Soviet three-part masterpiece of Stanislav Govorukhin and will be right in his own way. As they say, the old friend is better than the new two.

And now about the rest of the new Russian hire. You will laugh, but "Olympic Village" Alexandra Sukhareva is trying to get into the rental cinema for the fourth time. The tape, shot back in 2009, for unknown reasons, is persistently fighting for a place under the sun, but it does not break through to its audience. And it seems to be a good idea, and the cast is solid (Efremov, Buldakov, Garkalin, Khazanov, etc.), but the fate of the film does not add up. And there are no guarantees that this time will be formed either.

For viewers of small age film distribution will offer two cartoons. This is a South Korean "Brave Lifi" about the adventures of chicken and duckling, as well as French "Emily Joly"telling about a little girl who, like the famous Carroll Alice, goes after not for the white but for the blue rabbit.

The Dictator will be released next week in Russia, another provocative opus by the famous American comedian Sasha Baron Cohen, as well as a fantastic action movie based on the script by Luke Besson's Away With Australian Guy Pierce (“Remember,” “Los Angeles Secrets”).

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