New films. What to watch on the weekend of June 30 - July 1? "Super Mike" and others.

So, this week, at the same time with America, we are launching a new film from the creator of “Eleven Friends of Ocean” Stephen Soderberga “Super Mike”, a company which will be composed of the American romantic comedies “Married a Little” and “Summer.” Classmates. Love". In a limited number of cinemas, the last year's directorial work of Luc Besson’s “Lady”, the Japanese drama “Harakiri” in 3D, and the melodrama “A moment of love” will be shown.

1. “Super Mike” (Magic Mike, 2012)

On the hard fate of the wrestler, prostitutes, miners, boxers and other professions, ancient and not very, we have already heard. Why not talk about how strippers earn their hard bread? About the movie ladies have already taken off - "Strip" with Demi Moore. Now it is the turn of the strong half, which is also present in this business and does not itself live in misery. But I want something for the soul. As the protagonist of Soderberg's new film, Super Mike.

Mike is just a guy who doesn't think much about the future. This feeds and feeds him, and dreaming, as they say, is not harmful. But show business is a nasty swamp. It is necessary to stumble and you are already lying in the dust on the side of the road with no means for existence and visible prospects. So our hero is trying to push himself into the real world of day jobs, where there are no half-drunk clients screaming with delight, no thick wads of dollars, but just plain male friendship, love and understanding of loved ones. The path is thorny, but Mike is a stubborn fellow.

Unusual genre for Soderberg, but quite recognizable style. It is clear that in Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey in such a favorable incarnation, in the first place, the female part of the audience will jerk. Simple American melodrama with a small share of strawberries.

2. “Married a little” (The Five-Year Engagement, 2012)

For the third time after “Muppets” and “Gulliver's Travels,” the star of the television series “How I Met Your Mother,” Jason Segel and actress Emily Blunt met on the set. At this time, between them there is no laying in the form of funny dolls or the hairy fat man-joker Black Jack. Only he and she - forever and ever.

Tom and Violet got married. As usual, he offered her heart and hand, and she agreed. Only here, from engagement to the wedding, a long way can be. After all, a wedding is such a grand event. A bunch of relatives, money and preparations. And Violet, unfortunately, was promoted. True, in another city. And wedding events have to be postponed. And then still suffer. And a little bit more. And so five years in a row. Already some of the relatives, not waiting for a happy event, began to die a natural death, and those engaged with their carriages are still there.

Traditional American melodrama with a comedic slant. It is clear that the story of these two lovers should not be taken seriously. Siegel was finally entrusted with the main role of the loser-loving mattress with a big heart, and Emily Blunt is pretty in any sauce. The best choice for romantic couples.

3. “Summer. Classmates. Love ”(LOL, 2012)

Lola or simply Lol (for friends) - a normal teenager on the verge of a hormonal explosion. Her mother requires good grades in the report card and a decent pastime, and Lola needs to break away, fall in love without looking back and spend her youth so that there is something to remember.

The nickname of the main character is a well-known Internet meme LOL (I laugh, laugh out loud), often used in chat rooms and forums. By the way, the French original of Liza Azuelos the distributors translated in 2008. Why the hell in the American version, which Azuelos also shot, dragged classmates and other stamps, it is not clear. But it turned out adequately and thanks for that. Indeed, the whole picture can be described by these three words. Such a near movie for an unassuming public. The lead roles went to the poppy girl Miley Cyrus from the popular TV series “Hannah Montana” and Demi Moore who finally turned into the status of mummies. The melodrama is designed exclusively for a teenage audience, for which all these ahi-sighs against the background of fountains and the Eiffel Tower are relevant.

4. “Lady” (The Lady, 2011)

Mysterious in his creative quest Frenchman Luc Besson again made a woman a key element of his film. This time, Besson, whose production opus had already become famous for his bad taste, himself sat in the director's chair. For the third time in the last 12 years.

In the center of the story - the modern history of Burma and its spiritual leader, the "iron lady" Aung San Suu Kyi, winner of the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize. Of course, the Frenchman greatly simplified the entire political background of the life of a famous fighter for democracy, leaving only the central motive afloat, with the expulsion, the return and the subsequent 15-year house arrest. The main role went to the Malaysian actress Michelle Yeo, long accustomed to the mainstream. Her husband was unexpectedly played by David Thewlis, an Englishman, known to the general public on the Harry Potter movie series, Scott's blockbuster kingdom of heaven and the recent Anonymous.

5. “A moment of love” (Here, 2011)

In fact, the Braden King tape will be shown in a limited rental, but attract the names of the actors. In particular, Ben Foster (“Pandorum”, “The Train to Hume”) and Peter Coyote (“Alien”, “Bitter Moon”). However, Coyote has long been released in circulation, and Foster, apparently, decided to experiment with an independent genre.

The film tells the love story of two photographers: an American, who is shooting a map of the area in Armenia, and an Armenian girl who emigrated from her homeland a long time ago. The trailer of the film is very stingy on the plot details, so it remains to hope that there is an intrigue or dramatic event in the script. Outwardly, it looks good, and the awards of the Berlin Film Festival are just not handed out.

Run through the rest of the debutants. "Harakiri in 3D" - this is exactly what you thought. Japanese director Takashi Miike, after many years of working with frankly base material, began to make decent films about samurai in the 2000s. In 2010, his “Thirteen Assassins” were nominated for the Golden Lion in Venice, and now “Harakiri” has earned participation in the Cannes competition. The cinema, by itself, is specific to the fan of the subject, but stylish, dramatic and in a Japanese way naturalistic.

Lovers of the exotic must enjoy the Australian musical melodrama "Lakme" about the novel of a British officer and a girl from India, and fans of the talent of Slava Polunin will not miss it "Snow Show" in three-dimensional format.

As you can see, this week is rich in positive emotions, but extremely poor in worthwhile projects. That is, all these films will look equally good on the big screen and on TV. It only remains to look forward to the next weekend, when the world premiere of the updated "Spider-Man" with Andrew Garfield is coming.

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