What if the child does not speak?

What to do?

The first thing we think about is contacting a specialist. Regardless of the fact that children are very different and everyone needs special attention, there are a number of averages that the majority of specialists are guided by. For example, a seven-month baby should try to open his mouth, try to repeat some kind of sound. One year old child utters some words.

But the most important thing, it turns out, is not even speech, but understanding of words. When we say that we go for a walk, the child is already happy, having fun, bringing things to dress. But when you tell him that you need to collect toys or go to bed, the opposite reaction is observed. That is, the baby knows the name of something, the meaning of words, but just can not pronounce them. He tries to speak, but only in his own way, with passages of phrases. Baby knows that you understand him.

Of course, with time in the team, he will begin to use more words. But still you need to deal with the child. First of all, read books so that he repeats you in a playful way. Talk to your baby. When walking down the street, call all the items you see: a car, flowers, a tram, a girl, a shop. In the same way you can learn colors and shapes.

A child at an early age grabs everything on the fly, absorbs any information, like a sponge. Even doing your own thing, you can communicate with your baby. Comment on everything you do: vacuuming, washing, cooking dinner. Of course, this has its minus - for a short time you will need to turn into a parrot and by the end of the day you just do not want to make a sound. A good enough option to teach a child to talk is dialogue. Talk to him like an adult: talk, ask for something.


In addition, it is necessary to develop fine motor skills. You can buy a special game. Or put the kid and dad to sort out the tools, fold the nuts, cogs. Certainly, on one condition, so that the parent closely watches, so that the child does not accidentally swallow some small detail.

At this age, kids repeat the word parasites. Make sure that the child in the house did not hear rude swear words. What-what, and these expressions they capture and remember right away.

Home comfort

In addition, the atmosphere in the house also plays a big role in the development of the child. In a calm, ordinary family, where there are no scandals, shouts, swearing, the baby will be calm, comfortable, safe. It will be easier for him to memorize new knowledge. But in the house where he is constantly afraid of something, he feels anxiety, is afraid of his father's arrival, and the development of speech will be at a weak level. Judge for yourself where you feel better — in the house where the screams come from every evening, or where the parents gently and calmly communicate with each other, they embrace you.

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