What is "live in the stream", or how to apply the principles of Tao in life?

I have come across many times in my life with such a pattern: the more I tried to influence the course of certain events in order to improve the situation, the worse it worked for me. Surely you also did not avoid the same situations in life. What is the reason for this, and how can the existing problems be solved?
Creating inner harmony involves tuning your inner world in response to external events in life. The best way to principle Tao - It does not interfere with the external course of events, while adjusting your consciousness in a certain way.
Of course, such phenomena were investigated by various schools and specialists involved in the development of personality. I will give as an example two such experiments that were carried out in different situations, places, and different people:
- One football team was trained daily to score goals bypassing the enemy, while the other team was closed in a separate room and asked them to mentally imagine how they improve their skills, also bypassing the opponent and scoring goals in his goal. Twenty days after checking them, the results of both teams increased almost equally.
- Experiments conducted by American doctor Jerome Frank on the effectiveness of exposure to harmless drugs, show the same results. In this experiment, volunteers in the hospital were given the same useless placebo, assuring some that it was morphine, and others that they had received a very weak anesthetic. In the first case, two thirds of patients admitted that their pains had disappeared. In the second case, more than half answered that the pain still remained.
The mental representation of your actions in the mind can have just as great an effect as real actions. To live in the flow - this means letting events take their course. On the question of how to solve the problems in reality, the answer is simple. It is necessary to mentally tune in to a good result of solving this problem with full confidence that this will happen exactly the way you want it.
After all, we know that it is our thoughts and ideas about ourselves and the world around us that create our physical world and our reality (this is described in more detail in my article “How my beliefs affect my life”). Unfavorable ideas will give unfavorable results, and favorable ones will give favorable results.
As soon as we get into a state of flow, improvements occur by themselves. After all, observing and not interfering in the course of events, understanding and expecting that sooner or later everything will happen best for us, we simply program the result of this situation with a positive.
When we separate ourselves from our emotional chaos, we can look at events without bias, and everything falls into place. Sometimes all that needs to be done in order for justice to be manifested is simply to refuse to lobby the situation.
Being in the stream eliminates the need to immediately rush to solve every problem that appears, even the smallest one. Such a state of experience is as simple as listening to the sound of forest noise, closing your eyes, thus separating your existence from what is happening around.
Form with the consciousness of success in yourself. After all, such a consciousness believes that every aspect of life contains a huge number of possibilities, simply enormous! Not one and not two, but an unlimited number of real possibilities. “Well, where are they?” - you ask again. Yes around you! Take a closer look, open your vision of a successful person, and very soon begin to see them.
Let me give here an example from the life of the famous psychologist and reformer of the human mind, John Kehoe. Easter morning, he got up and hid ten small gifts for his beloved. When she woke up, he told her that he had hidden several gifts for her, without saying the exact amount. She began to look for these gifts with enthusiasm. After a while she found three gifts and stopped, thinking that that was all. When she learned from him that there were more of them than three, then she continued to search even more enthusiastically. Having found two more gifts, she thought that this time, in fact, everything, and stopped looking further. In the afternoon, when John told her that there were ten of them, she continued to search in amazement, looking over the same places, but this time more carefully, and found all ten.
We, too, believing that there is only a limited number of possibilities around us, most likely we will find only a few, or we will not be able to find these opportunities at all in our life. “Why such searches,” we will say, “if their (possibilities) do not exist?”
But realizing that there are actually a lot of opportunities, we will be ready to see them, and we will also find a lot.
I wish you success.

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