Is it important to be meaningful?

Such a huge phenomenon as a society, trying to subjugate the free and original human nature, imposes an incalculable number of infringing stereotypes on it. There are many such examples: dress code for office workers who do not work with clients (although it is better to work with what is more convenient); measuring a person’s salary success; before the age of thirty it is better to get married, or at least to decide who to be with, etc. Finally, thanks a lot to the good old grandfather Freud, the aspiration and insatiable desire to be meaningful is brought up diligently in us.

Significance. So what is it about a person? - This is the desire to be important.

How to determine that a person is significant and important? - It should be evaluated more important and more significant than others.

Who should he evaluate? - Other people.

What should a person do to make other people want and appreciate it? - Roughly speaking, like them.

Thus, in order to obtain this very significance, a person must climb out of their skin in order to be liked by some others. But homo sapiens are quite selfish people. It means that a person is assessed properly, he is forced to satisfy the interests of others.

And what about himself? How is the man himself, with his own goals, desires and, in the end, life?

In pursuit of significance, a person loses himself, because instead of living and creating according to his inner promptings, he thinks about the assessment that those around him give him, and goes into a life stupor. Thus, a student who is experiencing that he will receive an unsatisfactory grade, forgets at the exam all the material and as a result gets his unsatisfactory. Who can boast that with him this did not happen?

A person lives in a world of assessments generated by the desire to be better and more important than others. Because of their sensitivity to assessments, for example, in children most serious complexes arise, such as feelings of inferiority, insolvency, and dissatisfaction.

Do not confuse a sense of significance with the desire for perfection. It’s one thing to do your job to be noticed, another to benefit yourself and others. In the first case, you focus on what others want and how they will appreciate it; in the other case, you do what you think is necessary and focus your attention on the process itself and its result without any doubt.

I propose to free oneself from any evaluations, free oneself from a sense of significance. In fact, a person wants to be happy, and happiness gives not what a person is estimated by some parameters better than others in this particular period of time, but how he succeeds in doing in life something that really gives him pleasure. If someone likes to draw - draw! If someone likes to dance - dance! Sing - sing! Calculate economic indicators - go ahead!

I am deeply convinced that a person is not in vain given desires and abilities. And if someone doesn’t like your drawings, it doesn’t mean that you don’t know or don’t learn, it’s probably you who are creating a new genre. And if someone laughs at your texts, do not give in to him, in their time the modernists were also not understood! How many failed poets, musicians, writers, scientists, artists, actors walk on this earth, and all because, someone said, someone gave a negative assessment, someone laughed, someone neglected!

In each person - a unique person. The main thing is to live sincerely, with an open and kind heart, with a smile on your face, with noble deeds in life. And in no case do not care about what others think. Others rarely think well of you. If you are better than them - they think about you badly because they are jealous. If you are worse than them - they think badly of you, because they satisfy their feelings of superiority and significance. Do not be afraid, be yourself - you are beautiful !!!

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