Why Rostov-on-Don is called the city of maniacs?

But what about the universal scale, when journalists in my city of Rostov-on-Don and so called "Rostov - dad maniacs." And you can not argue against the facts - for 1997−2007. Our city has become the world champion in the number of serial killings.

Our once beautiful green, cheerful city is now famous not only for helicopters, combines, achievements in science and sports ...

“In the Rostov region from 1987 to 1997, 34 serial killers were identified. According to these indicators, we have become a kind of world champions. Before the arrest of Chikatilo, brigade officers exposed other sexual villains. Thus, in 1989, the serial killer Konstantin Cheremukhin was arrested in Bataisk, the satellite city of Rostov. He raped and killed four girls. Alexander Krasnokutsky was detained in the Salsk district of the Rostov region. This turned out to be a gerontophil - it deprived the lives of two elderly women. Andrei Chikatilo killed in the region from 1979 to 1990.

Based on this, the conviction arose that there is some natural anomaly in Don. But this is absurd. Such a significant number of detained murderers is explained by the high professionalism of the operational workers of the Rostov police and the prosecutor's office ..., ”psychiatrist Alexander Bukhanovsky immediately adds his weighty word.

The number of rapists has already reached 60. Even a serial killer museum has been created. Chikatilo followers are not asleep, they periodically go on the hunt. His follower Vladimir Mukhankin killed about a dozen people in a short period. Then there were "Lifter", "Electric", "Cyclist" ... And there, Chikatilo's son grew up and was also convicted of violence ...

In ordinary life, maniacs are the most ordinary people, they do not stand out in any way and do not look like monsters. Many educated, erudite, have a family, children. Andrei Chikatilo's wife could not believe that she lived for many years next to a serial killer. In the family, he was very kind and restrained. But it was she who said that her husband was completely untenable as a man. What is not a reason to revenge all women?

Until his last days and minutes of life, Andrei Chikatilo was calm, everything was hoping for a humane court. The prosecutor asked him to sign the book of Krivich and Olgin about him, "Comrade Killer", to which he easily agreed:

"... thanks to you and everyone who suffered with me, and so that there are no more criminals or patients like me,"

February 14, 1994 at 20.00 hours in the Novocherkassk prison there was a shot. The last words of the famous maniac were: "And the heart is still beating."

Three months before the execution, German magazine Spiegel reported that American scientists offered huge sums for the maniac, they wanted to take him for research. They even asked for a piece of brain for analysis from other countries. Therefore, there are persistent rumors that Chikatilo, perhaps alive, that he was killed was not a traditional shot in the back of the head ...

And what kind of heartfelt poems Vladimir Mukhankin wrote. Not in justification, but as a fact I want to say that Mukhankin is a victim of circumstances. His parents very quickly separated. Everyone hurried to arrange their personal lives. Mom son interfered, and she threw it on the threshold of the house of her ex-husband. But he promptly brought her son back. Father scoffed at the child, and everything went awry.

More and more often, Vladimir fled from his stepfather on the street. Native mother herself gave her son to the colony. There the teen was raped. And now turned embittered man with a broken psyche. But what he wrote poetry. How he dreamed of love, happiness, justice.

Mommy darling, dear,
I am happy that I have you,
For you in the spring month of May
I write these poems-flowers ...

Did not work out. Who knows, if a boy were born of another mother, and all the talent, kindness, cleanliness would have grown on fertile soil. And so grew the avenger for all his grievances.

Vladimir Mukhankin presented to his investigator Amurkhan Yandiev 18 notebooks of talented poems. Mukhankin, unlike Chikatilo, did not ask the court for pardon, did not cling to his life. As the investigator himself later admitted, he was in his own pity for this talented, intelligent man. But life, our harsh reality completely broke it, ground it and threw it to the side of life.

The Rostov investigator Amurkhan Yandiyev predicted that the number of rapists would grow along with the tension in the society when the living conditions and mental state of the people were brought to extremes. He explained this by the fact that a new generation of people is growing up, broken by perestroika. And since the negative energy does not disappear anywhere, then, accumulating, it manifests itself as a volcanic eruption, menacingly and mercilessly. He also added:

“Comparing the crimes of all maniacs who were on the Don, I derived my theory. The fact is that the Rostov region is in the zone of collision of cyclones. And the fact that the weather affects a person is proved long ago ... ”.

Like it or not, the Rostov militia believes that until the appearance of Chikatilo, serial crimes were simply not registered, they were hiding. And in other regions there are enough maniacs, only they are not exposed so actively.

Analysts have noticed that almost all known maniacs conceived in environmentally unfriendly conditions, were subjected to violence, including sexual violence, in childhood. In the family Chikatilo - during a terrible famine in the Sumy region ate their brother. Mukhankin's mother worked with pesticides. The family of pedophile Burtsev lived near the Kamensky Chemical Plant. The current abundance of episodes on television with sex scenes can also affect the psyche, predisposed to mental disorders.

Spring 2007 is especially rich in crimes against children throughout the country. And again, the Rostov region - two girls under Taganrog were raped and killed ... After reading this, many come to the single conclusion that maniacs need only be destroyed. It is never treated or reformed.

Chikatilo was one of the last convicts, in respect of which the death penalty was applied. Russia joined the Council of Europe and imposed a moratorium on the death penalty. Big politics saved the lives of many Rostov maniacs and gave them a chance to die a natural death.

However, there is a special attitude to the rapists in the zone. Most often, the rapists who fall into the zone, immediately descend to the title of “roosters”. The rooster in the zone is usually given a female name, separated away from cellmates, into a place near the bucket or under the plank bed. Roosters do the dirtiest and demeaning work and serve for carnal pleasures.

Do not forget that no maniac has lived his life without somehow finding his painful inclination. The same Chikatilo became a teacher to be closer to the children, frankly pawed both girls and boys, self-satisfied in their eyes! Why didn't they stop him on time?

In England, they have now offered to oblige those who were suspected of pedophilia or served time for sexual crimes to wear special identification marks. I am very sorry that the death penalty has been abolished in our country. For all the torments of ruined souls, for the tears of loved ones - these monsters, despite all the excuses and circumstances, must be destroyed.

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