How to survive the personality crisis?

A crisis is a sudden deterioration in the condition of a person, society, the economic system, the ecological situation — anything. Although sometimes not so sudden. And after the onset of the crisis, things can go both for the better and for the worse. It all depends on how ready you are for it or how quickly you were able to adapt.

By the way, by “state of affairs” it is necessary to understand their actual state, and not what is on the TV or the head of a single person, because it is human nature to make mistakes and be emotional about events. Therefore, it will always be useful to stop and think: “Is it really so scary what is happening at the moment?” Before taking any action.

It is the same as imagining oneself on a straight line segment stopped at any particular point. Then you can see exactly where you are, what is in front of you, and what is behind you. Perhaps at this very moment it will be possible to move not only back and forth, but other segments and straight lines, quite suitable for movement, will be found.

1. Try to assess the situation calmly and without emotion.
Looking from the outside, as if your friend turned out to be in such a situation and asked for advice. Some detachment can help keep your head in a difficult moment.

What exactly is the danger, which area of ​​life is threatened or at a critical point. Sometimes the situation is obvious, for example: illness, job loss, death of a loved one. Such situations are critical by themselves, and here the main thing is to try to separate the facts from the emotions (as far as possible).

2. Make a plan of action.
In order to break the deadlock, it is not enough to think well, we must also work, do, do something. There are at least two ways out of any situation (stay in the same place and do nothing or be active) - but not the fact that you will like them. To make the plan easier to draw up and execute, it can be detailed.

Set a goal. The real goal, which can be achieved and which will help to improve your situation.

Examples of goals: finding a job (not looking for a job, namely, “finding a job”), going to college, getting a pay rise, getting married, getting a divorce, killing Bill ..., whatever, if that helps you.

Determine the main motive. There may be several motives, but among them there must necessarily be the main one, vital for you. For example, a job is a means of subsistence.

Find the right strategy. Who exactly are you going to work? What you should be able to do, how you will look, how you will be perceived by others (including potential employers), what level of security you expect, what work you are willing to do, what you are willing to donate (time, health, money) for achieve the goal?

Make a list of things you have to do to achieve the goal. For example:

  • register at the labor exchange, ring up former employees, classmates and friends and tell about job search;
  • go to advanced training or retraining courses;
  • send out a resume to companies working on your profile and related to it, advertise in newspapers, register in personnel agencies, access the Internet and leave your data in the “job search” column.

Act according to plan. Be sure to complete all the items from your to-do list, even if you consider them not to be very effective. Feel free to bring other people to your goal, to use their help.

If something did not work out right away and on the first attempt, take a few more. Even Ford went broke several times (the number of his failures reached 5 or 7 - I don’t remember exactly) before becoming a car magnate.

3. Have the willpower to take responsibility for both victory and defeat.
A defeat can occur for two reasons: either you were moving in the wrong direction, or you didn’t go all the way and turned back too early. It is necessary to once again think over all actions (both committed and not committed): what happened in the end, what could have happened if you acted differently?

Take the crisis as a pause, during which you can rethink a lot, become a more reasonable and wise person, take a different path, better understand yourself and those around you.

Good luck to you! And may your crises do you good ...

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